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Meet Dr Diyari Abdah

Dr. Diyari Abdah
Personal Bio

There was a time during Dr. Diyari Abdah’s schooling years when he found himself “a man without a country” – but now, while maintaining his thriving Cambridge, England cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice Dentastique, he has become a true citizen of the world, reinventing himself – and growing his remarkable sphere of influence – as a powerful, in demand international speaker, best-selling author, teacher and business coach.

The Iraqi born implant expert chose dentistry for the simple reason that he wanted to help people. He loved the idea of working with his hands and the idea of changing people’s lives on the spot, restoring their teeth with a personal touch. When he graduated from dental school at the University of Bucharest in Romania, Dr. Abdah was denied renewal of his expired passport from the Iraqi government forcing him to return to Iraq to serve in Saddam’s army. Returning to his country meant being sent straight to the front to fight a war that wasn’t his war, especially as a Kurd. In the meantime, by law, he wasn’t able to stay in Romania under their Communist regime.

While his classmates were opening their practices around the world, he literally had nowhere to go. He decided to move to Sweden as an immigrant/refugee and was received with open arms – only Sweden didn’t recognize his Romanian degree so he had to enroll in dental school all over again. Later, realizing that the market for dentists in Sweden was small, he relocated his young, growing family to England, where he opened his first practice in the mid 90s.

“This was my first opportunity to reinvent myself,” Dr. Abdah says. “I realized that if I stayed in Sweden, I would have to study something else – or I could move somewhere where there was a market where my love for implant dentistry could flourish. I definitely had more dental education than most in my field, but fortunately I’m a guy who loves to learn. Implantology was new at the time and there was a lot more mystery to it, which I loved to solve. I was always excited by the opportunity to gain knowledge in my chosen field.”

Dr. Abdah’s lifelong propensity for self reinvention made him a natural choice to contribute this year to co-write (with bestselling author and speaker Brian Tracy) the book The Winning Way: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Share How They Are Winning in Life and Business and You Can Too! On its day of release, The Winning Way reached best-seller status in three categories – Direct Marketing, Marketing and Marketing for Small Business. He is now a member of the National Academy of Bestselling Authors.
Dr. Abdah’s chapter is titled “The Art of Reinventing Yourself – In Any Economy, At Any Age.” Written from his own life experience, his five key principles to reinventing one’s life and business are 1) Don’t Be Afraid of Change; 2) Change Starts From Within; 3) Conquer Your “Fire-walk”; 4) Your Life and Career; and 5) Planning for Something New.

Dr. Abdah’s passion for education, both learning and teaching, has been a foundational element of his life. When he moved to the UK, he started a Masters of Science program in implantology at the University of Warwick, and was the first dentist to graduate from the institution with an MSc degree in implant dentistry. He is currently a lecturer in that field there. In 2013, he started the MBA program in Cambridge.

On the instructional side, his friendship and collaborations in recent years with Zig Ziglar’s son Tom Ziglar, CEO of the Ziglar Corporation, and immersion into the legendary speaker’s timeless teachings and philosophies of personal development and motivation success has led Dr. Abdah to become the UK’s first Zig Ziglar Certified Legacy Trainer. While devoting his ideal of 2.5 days to his Dentastique practice and serving as an Ambassador for Ziglar, Dr. Abdah has also tapped into his powerful entrepreneurial skills to develop an exciting new coaching platform, Dental Coaching HQ.

As its name implies, Dr. Abdah devotes his curriculum to helping his fellow dentists take their practices to higher levels by thinking more digitally without losing the heart and principles and core reasons they chose to study dentistry. “I’m basically bringing them back to basics,” he says, “making everyone personalize their practices for their patients as I did with Dentastique, bringing a humanity to the process that sees patients as more than a set of teeth and pain.”

He also teaches timeless philosophies that other professionals and small business owners can benefit from, and has opened his Dental Coaching HQ seminars to doctors, lawyers, chiropractors and others – all of whom can extend their relationship with Dr. Abdah with one on one coaching. It can either be an ongoing relationship or on a project-by-project basis. He has also created an accompanying series of audio CDs and DVDs.

In July 2014, Dr. Abdah held his first seminar under the Dental Coaching HQ banner, “The 7 Secrets Every Business Owner should know to thrive in this economy!” at the Heathrow Sheraton in London with Tom Ziglar. The event included a foundational segment called the “One Hour MBA” and others on goal setting and time management – both key ingredients to future success. Dr. Abdah has a strong and growing social media presence, and many of his online “followers” are captivated and motivated by his quote: “You cannot prioritize if you don’t know your priorities.” Attendees included professionals from Poland, Germany and Latvia.

Dr. Abdah and Tom Ziglar have another seminar planned for December in London and have one in the works for early 2015 that will take place in Dubai – with an eventual eye towards creating more events specifically geared towards dental and other professionals in the U.S. There will be some overlap between Dental Coaching HQ and Dr. Abdah’s work as a Ziglar Legacy coach, though technically he launched Dental Coaching HQ before his certification.

“All of these exciting teaching platforms and motivational speaking opportunities take me full circle back to the basics of who I am as a dental professional, small business owner and as a human being,” he says. “The bottom line is, I care about people, and sharing is caring. So when I share my knowledge and wisdom with people, I am showing them how much I care. I noticed I had an instinct for this in my childhood, when someone would ask me to explain their homework. I would go the extra mile to help them. Likewise now, if I possess knowledge of a technique, I will give 110 percent to people to explain it and not hold anything back. If you have a teacher inside you, no amount of success in another field can prevent that from emerging.

“There are so many professionals out there who appear successful but have many problems both personally and on a day to day business level,” Dr. Abdah adds. “If I can help those people get out of their current troubled mindsets just by shifting their thinking about a few things, that’s my whole objective. I have the knowledge, tools and the heart to help change their lives and give them more time to enjoy their lives – and now have a powerful platform from which to deliver it.”

Dr. Abdah was once like one of those professionals he now helps, with his initial   seemingly successful UK dental practice that he launched in 1995 in Stevenage, a small town in Hertfordshire. He was quickly burning out working six days a week – and one day suffered what seemed like a heart attack from the terrible panic and stress he felt. He decided things had to change and attended a Tony Robbins seminar, which incidentally was held at the same time and began “feeding my brain” with books, blogs, personal development courses and other educational tools to help him re-evaluate his life.

He closed his practice, took a year off and re-invented himself by in 2005 by launching Dentastique with an entirely new business model in Cambridge. He began working only two and a half days a week, spending the rest of his time with his grateful family and deep self-improvement education. As he was launching his new practice, he traveled several times a year to study at several U.S. based cosmetic dentistry institutes, including the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida.

The institute’s founder, Dr. L.D. Pankey, specialized in cosmetic dentistry and TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) issues, but his curriculum also included the teaching of business philosophies and “cross of life” concepts dedicated to helping dental professionals find a balance between their family, work and spiritual lives. He was exposed there for the first time to two figures that would be instrumental in Dr. Abdah’s later self-reinvention - Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy through their teachings and books.

“Attending the Pankey institute changed me for life, and inspired me to implement a completely new approach to my patients that changed the face of my practice, and ultimately led to its thriving beyond my wildest dreams,” he says. “I learned to see them from a different empathetic angle. From that moment, I treated everyone as if that person was me, or my mother, father, wife, child, family member or close friend. If my patient was one of those people, how differently would I work with him or her?

“I began seeing them not as cases or just another mouth in need of work but as real people with real problems,” Dr. Abdah adds. “It was a personalized way of treating them – and for a while my income dropped because I invested time in longer, more personalized appointments. More importantly, I invested in the people themselves. Rather than the office being the center of my daily work, the patients became the centerpiece and driving force. By adjusting my mindset, I realized I was no longer just there to make money for my practice, or so my employees could enjoy certain lifestyles. I was there for the patients! Suddenly I woke up excited about going to work, because I was meeting friends and figuring out the best way to help them.”

Whether he’s working with a patient in his chair on an implant or reconstruction, coaching a businessperson one on one or leading a seminar for Ziglar or Dental Coaching HQ, Dr. Abdah believes success is all in the eyes. “I love it when people’s eyes tell you what they’re thinking even before they speak,” he says. “I know I’m truly helping a patient when I see trust and a relaxed feeling in their eyes. With those I work with in my seminars, I know I’m making a difference in their lives just by seeing that sparkle of truth and excitement. I know they’re hungry for knowledge the same way I was years ago.

“When I say something that connects with them,” Dr. Abdah adds, “there’s that ‘a-ha’ moment, an expression in their eyes which is the fuel that drives me. It’s knowing that I have the knowledge and the tools to help them change their lives that is very rewarding to me. Later on, some will come and want a one on one mentoring, and knowing that they trust me to continue to help them is one of my ultimate joys in doing this.”  

Dr Diyari Abdah is a dentist in Cambridge UK and is happy to answer your dental questions.

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